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Another of our favourite haunts is Glen Nevis near Fort William

Home to Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, there is no end to the walks and choice of terrain. My local friends and I,"The Usual Suspects" also camp here throughout the year and I have friends that work in Fort William, so Saturday nights on the town are a must.

Steall Hut, located in Steall Meadow, Glen Nevis.

At the foot of the spectacular Nevis Falls, sits Steall Hut, another of our most visited Bothys. A two mile climb from the last car park in Glen Nevis, through deep cut gorges, onto the flood plain and across the wire bridge.

Nevis Falls

As you round the corner at the head of the gorge, this is the dramatic scene that comes into view. Nevis Falls cascading down the mountain, from across the flood plain.

Rights Of Passage

The Wire Bridge. The final obstacle to reaching Steall Hut. If you can't cross fully laden, then you carry too much, or you shouldn't be here !

View frow Steall Hut

Looking back across the flood plain to the head of the gorge.

Glen Nevis

Looking up the Glen from Nevis Forest. Beautiful trails and easy walks. Enter the Southern Upland Way or climb to Dundearduill, hilltop vitrified fort overlooking the Glen.

The Land That Time Forgot

Entrance to the gorge.

Incredible pre-historic scenery with boulders as big as houses blocking the way.










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