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A Weekend In The Forest

Three fields in a clearing in the Galloway forest, beautiful landscapes and forest walks, and a river runs though it.

Tents and Caravans

Malky taking a stroll through the New Town

Oh Aye !

He's chattin her up, but she's sussed him oot.

House On The Hill

There was a dead sheep in there. I hope it's feeling better this year.

Kids and Adults Alike

The Water of Minnoch saved us all from getting fryed. Wish I had a photo of this river on Sunday afternoon, it was a raging torrennt.

Across The Water

A view of part of the camping field from behind the Froot tent.

A Shade From The Heat

Probably my favourite tent at night. Ultra Violet, Flourescants and Strobes, and a Magical Dancing Fairy

The Recreation Field

Buy a raffle ticket and get a free pint, take in a movie at the cinema, listen to the Storytellers, try your hand at Wood Craft or get yer haircut from Billy The Barber.